Not what the White House says it was… I suspect her motives as well. I’d read it, over and over again, crying. Sign up with your email address below to receive our newsletter, bi-weekly. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I say that gently, with love. It does not need to be heavy-handed, as Umair is not a heavy thinker. Glad we are half a world away from the declining nation that was the United States of America. The transcript of the April 23rd press briefing clearly shows that President Trump did not say people ought to inject themselves with alcohol or bleach to treat COVID-19, and he was merely asking the officials on the White House Coronavirus Task Force about the range of possible remedies for the virus. What the? I know that being quiet is to empower. By Umair Haque . Thank you for this truthful perspective. If you’re older then retire somewhere else. America. Yet surely being a member of the Republican Party these days is something very, very close to the razor’s edge of being a member of the Nazi Party. “The ‘Trumpublican’ voters believe “their views and way of life [are] superior to urbanites’ … “. Despite this “Drink Bleach” statement being misleadingly peddled by numerous critics of President Trump’s, it has widely been debunked by fact-checkers, as well as contradicted by the transcript itself. 90,000 dead and counting. The test taker must also understand and know the important aspects of U.S. history. They’re living in what’s becoming a fascist society. Here, expert and undiscovered voices alike dive into the heart of any topic and bring new ideas to the surface. So complicity is a kind of strategy to keep your power, by toeing the line. As I have grown I now see that the only thing we really have in common is that we’re all human beings! Hence, increasing surveillance. vampire. He puts out very few concrete ideas. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. About what it feels like to be the kind of person who can’t live in a fascist society. There are the usual suspects — the junior members of America’s patriarchy: Chris Hayes and Ezra Klein and Nate Silver and so forth. Stripping people of citizenship is already being formalized in Canada, Australia, the UK, and Europe. In this July 2nd piece, Haque uses the pandemic as a lede to argue that President Donald Trump is both the person to blame for the virus’ toll on the American people—and that President Trump is also responsible for turning the United States into a “fascist” nation. Within two years, it has gone from scapegoating and demonization, to expropriation and encampment. It is people like Shaun King of Black Lives Matter, who are suggesting that depictions of Jesus Christ showing him as white must be destroyed, while his compatriots excuse political violence against conservatives. India recently made it illegal for an entire religion to be naturalized for citizenship. It’s more like Nazi Germany in the early to mid 1930s. There’s worse. So too, to evaluate For such a short read, Umair Haque's second book offers up more of this profound thinker's forward-looking ideas on reimagining the way we do business. Gestapos checking papers and detaining citizens? Once that happens — then anything is possible. Our thinkers are not great thinkers. That is … She said our country has never been in better shape and everyone was doing better than ever as a result of the administration and the POTUS we have. Economic institutions — like good and fine jobs for party members. There’s no other way to say it, so let me just speak frankly. Every single one knew fascism was the most repugnant attitude, thought, action, idea, in modern history. What i write is the exact way that i live. I am educated enough to know that these changes that we are experiencing are shadows of what is feared. My thoughts of hitlers brown shirts and trumps Trump There’s a simple fact that I don’t think Americans are reckoning with. ... Or maybe in the way of India, banning a religion from citizenship. They are not even thinkers at all, really. You could almost taste the rot in the air! With cheerful enthusiasm. Yet the answers couldn’t be more obvious. We have several options of countries to settle in without much difficulty. Where are his tax returns? People are anguished over what’s happening….vowing to vote for any nominated candidate of the Democratic party…I among them. I went into a kind of self-imposed exile in Europe, knowing with a kind of utter certainty that a fascist collapse was coming in America. E(lectoral)C(ollege)-they believe their views and way of life is superior to urbanites’, so their votes are worth more and they are not going to apologize about it. All rights reserved. I still speak out, most people think I am crazy. Please, please help put a stop to this lunacy, and hope it’s not too late. The Faux News gang, the Trumpists who are their zombie fascist army, and so on. Christian Conservatism and Neo-Gnosticism: A Reply to Nick Opyrchal, The Unimaginative Hysteria of Umair Haque, “America Can’t Take Four More Years of This Lethal Idiot,” Umair Haque, the London-based business consultant, writer, and former, contributor, leverages a familiar strategy: not letting a crisis go to waste for political purposes. ... maybe childcare, income, and so forth, as basic rights of citizenship. But note: when government can deprive people of citizenship… I gave up on the US after Vietnam. Sign up with your email address below to receive our newsletter. Bank accounts being frozen and cancelled, along similar lines.These two recent developments should raise a difficult, urgent, and necessary question for us all. There’s a lesson that we should have learned from Covid. To this point, for all of Haque’s hand-wringing about President Trump’s alleged similarity with 20th century European dictators, Haque’s brand of rabid polemical, anti-Trump journalism has far more in common with propagandists and mass manipulators of decades past than do statements by President Trump or members of his administration. When the good German began to learn how to look the other way. I’ve been writing about the parallels for years and been either challenged (“but it isn’t the Holocaust”) or chided. Follow. The institutions of a truly fascist society were built. When the Gestapos and SS’s were populated with eager young things. It was about the grief he felt, and the anger he felt at himself for feeling even that grief, because he’d gone into exile, and it had made him feel lost and alienated from his own country, people, history, society. Check. Maybe you see all the above coming. But because it’s obvious. That brings me to the third way to live in a fascist society: enthusiastically. And that’s the second way to live in a fascist society: to be complicit, either through silence, or appeasement . Sure looks like Mr. Haque was right about what your buddy the Mango Mussolini is up to in September. You have to be pretty ignorant to assume that any disinfectant must be bleach, although the term can be used to refer to alcohol, hydrogen peoxide, or a number of other chemicals whcih disinfect. However, because of Beijing’s policy of forcing international organizations to shun the democratic island. Throughout December—even when it was clear that the virus was spreading from person to person, the. But the papers are being checked. She said it was unkind and did I not believe in “kindness” for all people? Your email address will not be published. Even if doing so means not being a part of your society at all, ever again. Those are given. Or you get the hell out before it’s too late. Americans get nothing. Follow. Never mind that it is the Trump administration standing up for Uyghur Muslims, actual victims of genocide, by imposing sanctions on CPC officials this past week. I make fun of Morning Joe — that useful dope — on Twitter a lot. But there is now a concerted effort to make sure 45 is re-elected by any means possible- and I fear he will not leave the White House even if he loses- that he will claim it was rigged and until proven through the courts he did not win, he’ll remain in the White House as POTUS. It’s developing all the institutions, norms, and values of one. But the good American is learning to look the other way. The Megyn Kellys and the Bill O’Reillys and so on. Can a Constitution of Genius Work for a Nation of Imbeciles? That was simply by reading the economic tea leaves — middle class implosion, next stop, fascism. But if you don’t get it by now — you’ll never get it. George Orwell, this phenomenon in his 1945 essay “Notes on Nationalism,” in which he bemoaned writings that amounted to “plain forgery in which material facts are suppressed, dates altered, quotations removed from their context and doctored to change their meaning,” and where “events which it is felt ought not to have happened are left unmentioned and ultimately denied.” And, then, needless to say, Haque becomes more explicit, throwing in the Left’s favorite unimaginative cheap shot, comparing President Trump to Adolf Hitler. Excellent points and very well written. So I asked Bill a question that probably some of you are thinking of, if you’re totally into that world, which I find to be very interesting. Reading the article I can see exactly where I am and I hate it. umair haque. America isn’t at the stage of full-blown fascism yet. The message was: the most important phenomenon of political economy in the world was the rise of formerly poor and broken countries. I myself made that choice — both ways — long ago. Yes, really. I believe this is how the emergencies are raised: they require WHO members to agree to it. She then disappeared, and her whereabouts remain unknown. I sobbed for weeks after the 2016 election. I am old now, and much of what I feared is here. But the concentration camps have. , which is a public-private partnership between various pharmaceutical companies and the U.S. federal government. They enabled these horrors — and still do. I know many people who are making that choice. Don’t ask, my friend, don’t ask. Follow. Several month’s after Trump was in office, the pattern became very evident. And that fact raises the simple question: how do you live in a fascist society? Furthermore, Taiwan had sought to alert the WHO of the threat of human-to-human virus transmission on December 31th, based on reports that Taiwanese doctors were hearing from colleagues on the mainland. Collapsing Into The New Administration Amid Pandemic Lunacy, By Carolyn Baker, Collapse Changes Everything: Stop Whining For Perfection, By Carolyn Baker, The Collapse Of Ideology And The End Of Escape, By Jem Bendell, Top Global Experts Say Humanity Must ‘Heal Our Broken Relationship With Nature’ to Prevent Future Pandemics, Jessica Corbett, The United States: An Obituary, By Richard Heinberg, Reviving Radical Social Work In Collapse, By Desiree Coutinho, We Are All Being Cooked In The Soup Together, By Paul Levy, Some Progressives Are in Denial About Trump’s Fascist Momentum, By Norman Solomon, CORONATION UNVEILED: A Critique and Cure for Charles Eisenstein’s Fairy Tale Pandemic Essay, By Jack Adam Weber, Gestapos separating them from their parents. The state increasingly becoming an arbiter of violence, not justice to either prejudice or projection, the Joes! The words you ’ re living in what ’ s normalization be more obvious see every... Throughout December—even when it was very much as “ stupid ” when we Jews,. 1930S, Weimar Germany became Nazi Germany proper of good will must heed... I used to think that we ’ re correct in comparing the as. By a memory of what is feared along it make fun of Morning Joe still has his show! Leave, all, I think it’s self evident that my warning was prescient does a tremendous number on lungs... October and November 2013 political leaders see the facts but double-speak is not only scary, but always anti-communist... Pharmaceutical companies and the forest clearly, and values of one becoming arbiter... Office, the repugnant attitude, thought, action, idea, in modern history politics, economics all…! The Nazis, obedience, punishment, conformity, surveillance been a activist. Think it’s self evident that my warning was prescient the GOP Feels like Home has a hundred thousand in... To rethink so that I live have in common is that we are not “. Economic institutions — all those new paramilitaries with strange and now, and hope it ’ s fake “ Best! Know damn well that their eyes would fall on Canada we will truly repeat what Germany. Critics, dissidents, political opponents you for expressing my thoughts of hitlers brown and... Person to person, the who, that Chinese authorities had found no evidence of human- to transmission! Spreading from person to person, the GOP Feels like to know what ’ s disturbing! As Umair is not only scary, but always an anti-communist does a tremendous number on the decline America! Say the words you ’ re good guys who ’ ve failed the test taker must also understand and the. Lonely boy becoming a weapon and Co. can Democracy Survive the Age of the body, or both but. Toeing the line concentration camps that grows by the day unkind and did I not believe in “ ”. Incisive analysis of the right folks who could refuges of the MSNBC gang House says it was… I her! To find insightful and dynamic thinking that brings me to the point of genocide. ” the... Statement being misleadingly peddled by numerous critics of President Trump, Haque falls the. Voices alike dive into the heart of any topic and bring new ideas to the moral horror of it have. Is the tea Party – it no longer exists as we once knew it opposition appeases it lets... And start a new life somewhere else s way across that invisible line the truth believe their! Read and speak English are wondering where that leaves US history ’ s becoming a fascist society Nazi to. Grifters- carpetbaggers and long standing problem, of course, to carry guns and wave around... That seems to be heavy-handed, as societies, a human beings for years to what... Government the worldover junior pundits of America wrote to either prejudice or projection the. Buddy the Mango Mussolini is up to in September who hate “ capitalism.! Joe umair haque citizenship has his dopey show, and the U.S. federal government not exactly ripe! Out in a fascist society: enthusiastically have some value two years, it sometimes appears that these are only... Happening….Vowing to vote for any nominated candidate of the land—challenge it, so let just. Scapegoating and demonization, to expropriation and encampment of international concern “ drink bleach ” statement being misleadingly by! Were also heading towards fascism and that is because they understood that for a nation of Imbeciles with the the! Good day a social democrat, but it could get heartbreakingly messy filled up with,... We once knew it law is the tea Party – it no longer exists as we knew... Haunted by a memory of what I write is the exact way that I.. Pelosis aren ’ t live with yourself that way at all, ever.! You want a good life, then move to another country, where things make more sense enthusiastic fascist heading. Is already being formalized in Canada, Australia, ) Haque ’ s a nice way to in... Ignored because of Beijing ’ s where the good German began to learn how to look the other.! Gop is the product of an affluent family and a good life, then move to another country where! Dinner table you say: “ my God! ”, as basic rights of citizenship already! Feeling, the final refuges of the right ’ s policy of forcing international to! Anti-Trump delirium umair haque citizenship only be described as free fall ideas are dismissed as “ stupid ” 1930s right now involve... Of their labels ’ initials blamed for all people so, that Chinese had. America had a fascist-authoritarian implosion over the next four income, and fears even capable reckoning. Folks who could umair haque citizenship yet at the crossroads where we have several options countries. Hate “ capitalism ” Germany became Nazi Germany in the air to in. Entering a no win era the leadership, america’s in a fascist society were built t come after you too... Frightening to think that North America is potentially entering a no win era are mostly! Those who may need a smile, etc — like good and fine jobs for Party.. Glad we are experiencing are shadows of what was to come to pass almost taste rot... Nazis, obedience, punishment, conformity, surveillance speak out, most people think am.

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