Who else is missing the unlimited offer of @cheezbd this year? We were missing it out so much that with a heavy heart finally ordered @cheezbd via @foodpanda.bd . Foodpanda has been doing contactless delivery maintaining all the safety procedure which was very much impressive. . Nagatastic BBQ from @cheezbd This consisted of chunks of chicken, bacon, green chili, with a fine blend of naga sauce and bbq sauce and loads of cheese. The thin crusted pizza was wholesome and flavorful. The tanginess of the bbq sauce and spicy kick of the naga was tasted in every bite. Their pizzas are loaded with toppings and is a pure delight in every bite. . . Name: Nagatastic BBQ Price: 1099+ BDT (16 inch) Rate: 9/10

repost : https://www.instagram.com/p/CASs-UBDrWf/

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