Which dessert did you make this Eid? I made Kunafa/ Nawabi Shemai. This super easy and creamy dessert is a fulfilling option for your guests or even for you! . Ingredients: ▫️2 Laccha Shemai (200gms each) ▫️Dano cream-1 ▫️ Condensed Milk (half cup) ▫️ Powdered Milk 1 Cup ▫️Butter/ Ghee ▫️Custard Powder/ Cornflower (4tbs) ▫️Sugar 2 cups ▫️Milk 1 litre ▫️Badam mix (Cashew + almond+ pistachio) . PROCEDURE: 1. In a pan melt butter and add shemai, powdered milk, sugar a pinch of food color (optional) and stir until golden brown. 2. In another pan boil the milk until it reached half a litre and cool it down. Then add cream, condensed milk, cornflower and milk well. 3. Put it in the stove again and add vanilla essence and keep stirring until it reaches a thick creamy consistency. 4. Take a clean transparent dish and serve the dessert in layers. Put one layer of the shemai and then cream and then repeat the process. 5. Usually people make 1 layer but I made 2 because the more, the merrier! 6. Garnish with the crushed nut mixture and keep it in the refrigerator for atleast 2 hours. 7. Sit back and enjoy! . ▫️Serves 12-15 people depending on the layers you make. . I have followed the recipe of @herfoodieblog but made some changes in it. . Note: 1.If you use powder milk in making the liquid milk make it a little thick so that the time to boil the milk will reduce. 2.Add sugar according to your preference

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