Was craving for some bhuna khichuri. Ordered this beef bhuna khichuri from Cookers’7. Since @foodpanda.bd is offering 50 tk discount from 12-4 pm , why not try their offer !!! . The food was hot enough and they didn’t even make any late while delivery inspite of having a rush and the monsoon weather. This beef bhuna khichuri will cost you 200tk. I got this at 150 tk. The amount was really good compared to the price and it’s enough for your lunch. Filled with minced beef , comes with two slice of cucumber,a green chili and a thin lemon. . Undoubtedly one of the best bhuna khichuris you will ever had. Trust me it’s damn good. You won’t regret a bit of it!!!

repost : https://www.instagram.com/p/B21bncoBu1K/

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