Tried the infamous softy from Glaciem 🙊 Will you hit me if I be honest? 😛 Soft Ice Cream (Mixed) 💰Tk. 80 I took the mixed one. You get both vanilla and chocolate flavours here. All softies have the same flavour no matter what flavour you take. Ok so the thing is, I know this ice cream is good and pretty yummy but you see this is not a softy. There's a difference between a normal ice cream and a softy. Softies have generally less milk fat and feels more airy. The cream is also smoother. This is anything but a softy. However, it tastes good so oh well 🤷🏻‍♀️ . . . . #foodologybd #foodphotography #foodporn #icecream #glaciem #bangladeshstreetfood #dhakastreet #dhakastreetfood #softy #bangladesheats #kikhaiben #instafood

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