Today I will tell about another woman. Her name is Immita Rahman , the owner of She said - I got my baking passion from my mother. She started baking when she was very young, at a time when ovens were not available in Bangladesh. She used to bake by heating sand and putting the batter in a pan in the middle. She made all our birthday cakes, and used to supply to a bakery. Both she and I experiment with our baking. We generally try to not follow traditional recipes, especially when cooking, but try to make something new and different. This goes especially with my cake designs. I love making different designs, and especially encourage my customers to use their imagination and allow me to create something exceptional. I started getting requests to make birthday and wedding cakes from my friends, family and acquaintances, which later spread to friends of friends or relatives who had tasted my food. After I got married, my husband encouraged me to open a page, and hence came Melys. My husband and I make a good team in the sense that I do the baking while he does the creative naming. He looks at my creation, and then gives a name to it. I recently gave a stall in the Bake Expo, and my husband helped name most of my items. For example, for apple pie it was "Snow White's Bite"; for chocolate cake with vanilla frosting it was "Slice of Winterfell"; for s'mores brownie it was "The Panda". I make a wide range of both sweet and savoury items, including the above mentioned items. Honestly speaking I havent faced criticism yet Alhamdulillah. But I guess if I do face it I would say thank u for the feedback and I will make improvements accordingly. . Glad to know that women are ruling the world. Agree ??????? . . . #foodphotography #food #foodie #foods #foodstagram #foodgasm #foodtruck #foodblogger #simplisticfood #foodlove #likeforlikes #like4likes #likeforfollow #followforfollowback #follow #follow4followback #followbackinstantly

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