This is a very common scene found at pretty much every roads of thailand, sausage & meat carts. One will find various types of chicken sausages, pork sausages, crab sticks, prawn, chicken fry, chicken satay and other variations of finger food. These are served with a sweet chilli sauce & chilli flakes. I tried some of the chicken sausages which were mostly grilled or charcoaled and tasted pretty average like our regular sausages, nothing extraordinary. What makes this unique is the variation of food and the sauces adds a nice touch to it. Price- starts from 10 THB (around 30 BDT) Rating- 6.5/10 #thefeastersbd #countmemoriesnotcalories #shotoniphone #streetfood #streetfoodbangkok #sausage #crabstick #prawns #satay #foodblogger #bangladeshfoodblogger #bdfoodblog

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