THE REASON WHY I LIKE CHICKEN ALFREDO PIZZA FROM CHEEZ OVER OTHERS This is the only Alfredo pizza which doesn't overflow with white sauce and name it Alfredo. This is the topping I would like to have pasta with as well. It's just that there's a thin crust replacing the spaghetti 🤭 The slight crisp bottom with soft bread topped with perfect chicken alfredo 🤤 Dip it in their mayo and it tastes heavenly. Yum! 📌 Chicken Alfredo (12") 💰 Tk. 699/- Oh btw did you know there's a discount going on if you order their Alfredo pizza? 20% off if you mention CREAMYALFREDO and they even offer free delivery to some places. Go and order now. P.S. I don't promote going out of your house right now. Please order at home and enjoy with your family. Stay home and stay safe. Also I had this before the lockdown just to clear the air. #foodologybd #foodbliss #bangladesheats #kikhaiben #instafood #cheez #chickenalfredo #pizzatime

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