The Dhakaiya burger from @madchefbd ————————————————— 💸Price : 290 tk 📝Rate : 8.5/10 A must try item for @madchefbd lovers. 🔘This burger had potato brioche bun ,cheese , grilled beef patty a small tomato slice , lettuce , a bit of mint chutney and a fried Deshi Paneer. 🔘The fusion of Deshi Paneer and mint chutney was literally so good. Though I was expecting it a bit salty but it was literally so good. 🔘This is the first time I have tried their beef burger as I always stick to chicken. The patty was succulent enough. 🔘Glad to know that they have changed their buns into two categories: potato brioche and garlic crusted brioche buns. But the bun they used to have was really good. There was no reason for removing their previous bun having black sesame seeds. Overall this fusion of cheese and Deshi Paneer with a bit of mint chutney really worked for my hungry mood. Recommend ✅ . . What’s your favourite burger from @madchefbd ?? . Follow @too_halal_for_food for more reviews. . . . 🖲 Taste may vary from person to person because everyone doesn’t have the same taste bud. Quality may decrease due to inconsistency or due to having a bad day for the customers. Have a nice day 🤗🤗🤗.

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