TAKEOUT RELOADED So few weeks ago many @takeoutbd lovers were disappointed after hearing the fact that @takeoutbd is shutting their shop. I was extremely disappointed as I thought that it’s a part of promotion. But they really did so. Recently they came out with a development over their burger , it’s qualities and interior. Item : Beef cheese delight Price: 320 tk Rate: 8/10 A relief for the burger lovers who doesn’t love burgers to be dipped into mayo as they have improved a lot. . BEFORE: The bun was soft. The patty was dry. Mayo was finger licking good. Too much payo. Reasonable price that was 265 tk . A good cube of cheese. . AFTER : The bun was good. Isn’t this the same bun just having two cuts at the top? I found no taste while having the patty. It was bland. Less amount salt used while making this. The price doesn’t give a proper justice to the burger. They added extra sauce packet with this burger. Patty size is really good. A good amount of cheese with tons of love while making. Mayo good as always. Not so juicy,not so succulent and less amount of mayo used. Since taste varies from one to another, I would say that I loved The earlier one which was a mess. Because who cares while having food? Doesn’t that mayo dipped burger make @takeoutbd special? . So you may try this one. Recommend for all I would like to appreciate @takeoutbd for their new development and I really loved the gesture that after hearing so many bad comments you guys decided to make something better. Really great one ☝️. I would give it an extra mark if the price was less as before. . . . . #food #foodporn #foodphotography #foodie #foods #foodstylist #foodstagram #foody #foodblogger #food52 #foodgasm #foodbeast #burger #likeforlikes #likeforfollow #like4likes #takeout #burgerholic #tasty #yummy #foodography #followforfollowback #follow4followback #foodheaven #foodoftheday#foodaholic

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