@sugar_sprinkles1017 - an online cake and dessert shop, by Nusrat Zabin. She said- It has been 3 years since I took my hobby into passion and my ambition. It was my loving mom who inspired me in baking as she was the only one who use to bake back in old days but not anymore cause I stepped in. Here comes my dad, without his support I wouldn't have achieved a single thing. So I have to say my parents are my biggest inspiration who encourages me in every way possible. I suppose baking is in my blood as my dad itself is the owner of a well reputed company Bombay Sweets and Chanachur. Currently I'm studying culinary arts and hope someday to become a top patissier chef InShaAllah. I have dreamt a long way for Sugar Sprinkles. it's quite impossible for me to achieve that without your help. . This year she won the second prize in The Bake Expo-2019. Definitely going to try their items.

repost : https://www.instagram.com/p/B1g-JMCh9Qh/

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