Spicy Fried Chicken from D.F.C ( Dorothy Fried Chicken) ————————————————— 💸Price : 575 tk ( 6 pieces) . 📝Rate : 9/10 🔘Never thought that I would be writing about a place in Chittagong. My father went to Chittagong for some work. I just asked him if he could get the fried chicken or not. And as always, he never said no to me. That’s all I can pray to Allah and thank him for the best father I got. Since he was residing in Radission, I texted him the location. . 🔘Let me tell you who are thinking that it has a big space or a sophisticated ambience, it’s not like that. . 🔘You have to search for Lalkhan Bazaar as it’s quite known market in Chittagong. After going there you will find a shop called D.F.C. . 🔘This shop has been running by a Korean citizen since 25 years. Coming to the fried chicken, I would say that it’s one of the best fried chickens I ever had. It was so spicy that you can’t eat all of these at once. . 🔘The amount was really good compared to the price. . 🔘The best part is that it has crushed nuts. The exterior part is crunchy and crispy. Marinated by some special Korean sauce along with the mixture of Barbecue and tomato sauce , you will get a hint of molasses and honey after having a bit of it. . 🔘The inner part was juicy and succulent enough. I was little bit nervous about the item as it could get spoil after a long 5 hours journey.But as I knew that my dad won’t never let my expectations down. The whole credit goes to my dad. . So if you are a Chattanooga, don’t miss it. I hope that we could get these kind of Fried Chickens in Dhaka 😭.

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