Samyang Carbonara (Pink) I was hearing so many good reviews about this particular flavour so I thought I should give it a try. No loves, this doesn't taste anything like Carbonara 😂 It tastes more like Lay's American Cheese flavour chips. It comes with two packets, one for the red sauce and another for the spice. The red sauce was less spicier than the original (black) one and the spice had a cheesy smell but tastes more like the American Cheese as I mentioned before. I boiled the noodles than mixed with the sauce and spice after serving. I added boiled chicken balls (Don't judge me please 😅) and a runny egg. Also note here that I didn't add any salt because most ramen already has a loads of sodium. It did taste a bit spicy and sweet so I would recommend you to add some salt in it. #foodblogger #foodologybd #kikhaiben #bangladesheats #instafood #samyangramen #ramen #instantramen #huffposttaste

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