Pasta is my everyday lunch πŸ™‚ Who is obsessed with Pastas like me raise your hands πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ ● Spaghetti Chicken White Sauce ● πŸ’²Tk. 360+ πŸ“ Cafe Soi3 πŸ”Š Ok to be honest I never knew Cafe Soi3 has such good pastas. I am personally a spicy lover and white sauce pastas are just not for me. So I was skeptical about the taste and felt it will be the same over powered black pepper white sauce. Thankfully I was wrong. They slightly saute the spaghetti with dry red chillies and top it with white sauce. So the base is lightly spicy. I like the fact that the sweetness of the white sauce isn't overpowering and since the pasta isn't mixed, you can actually have it according to your liking. The chicken pieces was tender and sufficient. Apart from that, I loved the quantity. Easily shareable by 2 people. Did you try their pastas yet? πŸ’‘This place is good for 1) Romantic or casual date 2) Hangouts 3) Parties #foodology #foodologybd #foodphotography #foodography #instafood #instagood #instaharriken #harriken #hashtagdelish #bangladesheats #kikhaiben #dhakafoodguide #likephoto #l4l #followme #dhakagram #dhakafoodie #cafesoi3

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