Oreo Shake In the season of rooh afza and lemonade why not try some oreo shakes? ▫️INGREDIENTS 🔸Milk 🔸Oreos 🔸Icecream 🔸Harshey syrup (optional 🔸Sugar ( you can avoid this if you do not like your drinks too sweet) . ▫️PROCESS 1. In a blender add 2 glasses of milk and crushed Oreos and blend well. 2. Then add ice-cream and harsheys syrup and blend into a smooth mixture. 3. In a glass drizzle some harsheys syrup and add the shake and keep it in the fridge for 15-20 mins or chilled enough. 4. Finally sit and enjoy! . Note: 1.you can add chocolate chips or other chocolates if you do not have the syrup at home. It will have a similar chocolaty taste to it. 2. For a better result blend the oreo cream and oreo biscuits one after the other.

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