Oreo Cheesecake: 1350 tk per pound. Cake Pops : 80 tk ( Minimum order 6 ) Online baking pages have been a good way to order your dessert items as they deliver to your doorsteps. Most of the bakeries have deteriorated their quality by using more amount of cream and less amount of quality. Moreover the price has also increased. Recently I got an opportunity to know the story of Jasmin Akhtar, the owner of @bakendtake. She said,”I was inspired seeing my mom’s baking since my child hood. She always used to bake fresh brownies and cookies for our tiffin. When she used to bake our whole house smells like butter and sugar, I’m in love with that smell. This thing inspired me a lot. Bake & take started from 2017. Before that I used to work with Cookups. I didn’t go through any classes while starting. I was confident that this is my thing that I would love to do. We are not yet that profit oriented. Baking is my passion and food is perishable good so losing in this business is very normal. We mainly concentrate on the quality of the ingreadiants so that our customer love our dishes I’m a full time service holder, I work in a Bank. So all the fifnancial support I get from my salary. We take every criticism as a suggestion to improvement and work accordingly. I don’t have any partner in my business but my mother help me a lot. When I first started the order numbers were very few, mostly from our known one gradually it increases. After joining in bake expo, baker’s festivals and different festival like these sales goes up. My most wanted items are Tiramisu, muffin pizza, cheese cake, lasagna, mango panna cotta, red velvet treat in a jar, brownie with chocolate mousse, and offcourse pastry cakes”. . #food #foodporn #foodphotography #foodie #foods #foodstagram #foodgasm #foody #healthyfood #desserts #cheesecake #yummymummies #yummy #likeforlikes #like4likes #likeforlikeback #followforfollowback #follow

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