Mains Platter from Bene Bistro This consisted of ▪️Grilled Veggies Rate- (7/10) This consisted of slices of babycorn, capsicum, potatoes which were well seasoned and tasted well with. ▪️Sriracha Honey Lime Chicken Rate- 8/10 The chicken had a nice coating of dry spices on the outside and the inner part was juicy and succulent. It was well cooked with hints of lemon kicking your tastebud. ▪️Sirloin Steak (medium done) Rate- 7/10 The meat was well seasoned and medium cut was perfect. However while tasting the other dishes mine turned a little cold and didn’t really taste that lavishing. ▪️Vegetable Lasagna Rate- 9/10 Undoubtedly the best one I had till now. The dish itself didn’t feel like we were having vegetables. The vegetables were marinated well and had a coating of baked cheese on top which was a delight to every bite! ▪️Grilled King Prawn Rate- 8/10 It was soft and grilled thoroughly, didn’t have any prawn smell which is quite great. ▪️Mashed Potato (4/10) This was the only let down on the platter. It lacked the butteriness and most importantly seasoning which is quite important for a good mashed potato. . . . . . . #goodfood #foodie #countmemoriesnotcalories #thefeastersbd #instafood #instalike #instashot #instadaily #insta #igers #igersdaily #foodcoma #steak #chicken #lasagna #tasty #yum #mashedpotatoes #grilled #tastyfood

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