Lets introduce a new online page for traditional food. Dawat! The name says exactly what you expect in an actual dawaat! Thankyou @dawaat.co for sending these amazing food. The following are : . ▪️Frini 💰 250 BDT Rate- 8.5/10 . ▪️Beef Signature Tehari 💰 180 BDT Rate- 8/10 . ▪️Fried Chicken Roast and Polao 💰 200 BDT Rate- 7/10 Their tehari is pretty much “jhorjhora” with great texture. It contains good quantity of meat and is sufficient for one tummy. However it was a tad bit spicy. . The polao comes with one big piece of roast and gravy. They gave chunks of cashenut but the entire thing together quite average! . The best part of the entire package was undoubtedly the firni. It was sweet but not overpowering and was garnished with nuts. . Everything from dawaat is home cooked and maintains hygiene. Also they have a very cute packaging which is absolutely amazing!

repost : https://www.instagram.com/p/B5Fx7fFhWpl/

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