I visited this new place today. Its name is Live : Pizaa and Kebab. You can guess by the name that they specialise in pizzas and kebabs. I ordered their newly introduced platter (Platter 3). Platter 3 It has : ● Butter Naan ●Chikka Tikka Kebab ●Chicken Reshmi Kebab ●Chicken Malai Boti Kebab ●Hariyali Kebab ●Grilled Chicken wings (2pcs) ●Mint Chutney ●A drink of your choice (Coke/Sprite/Fanta) I only took this platter to get all the taste in one go. The naan had a smoky flavour. It wasnt a soft naan though. It was more like the tandoori naan. It lacked that butter flavour. The tikka kebab was a bit dry IMO. I loved both the reshmi and malai boti kebab. They were soft and succulent. The hariyali kebab was bursting with flavours. It was not the best I had but surely a great one. The wings was one of my favourite part. It was smoky, grilled but juicy. You can see in the video how the juice oozes out as I press the chicken. Although the platter comes with a Raita but I was served with a mint chutney. The chutney was minty, spicy and it definitely gives a good kick that leaves a wasabi-like aftertaste but it's not wasabi trust me. It's the excess use of onions (YES ONIONS 💲💲). Best part? 💲Tk. 295 (inclusive of VAT) 😏 What are you waiting for? Go give it a try and let me know if you liked it. ❤ . . . . #foodology #foodologybd #foodphotography #foodography #instafood #instagood #instaharriken #harriken #hashtagdelish #bangladesheats #kikhaiben #dhakafoodguide #likephoto #l4l #followme #dhakagram #dhakafoodie #livepizzaandkebab #kebab

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