Helloooo and we are back with our another Vlog. This time we decided to visit the newly opened top floor of Chef's table dhanmondi and check out @138east and @fryyay_bd . It is rumoured that popular restaurants get jinxed when they open a branch at dhanmondi 🤔 Hmmmm... is it so? Check the vlog to see what we tried and how did we feel about it. Also, make sure to follow us @foodologybd and @foodpediabd_ for more such content and interesting vlogs. 🔥 A HUGE SHOUT OUT to @foodpediabd_ for always being patient with me and helping me with my vlogs. They are such sweethearts ❤❤ Enjoy loves ❤ ~ Foodologybd

repost : https://www.instagram.com/p/B6LxaVVhAO7/

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