Having some salad before Qurbani Eid is halal for your health. Salad from @thelittleromecafe Price:199 tk. Rate : 8/10. I really liked the concept of making my own salad. The options are : 🔘 Choose between cabbage or lettuce. I chose lettuce 🔘Choose the flavour. Sweet , sour or spicy. I took the spicy one. 🔘Choose the main ingredients ( Chicken , Beef , pepperoni, fish ) 🔘Choose five ingredients from vegetable section. 🔘 Choose among peanuts, cashew nut or croutons. I choose croutons in my salad. 🔘 They charge for adding extra ingredient. I chose cheddar cheese. Though it looks weird but it matched with the salad. If you are nearby Uttara , you must have to try out this place. It’s amazing. Definitely going there for salads InshaAllah. Recommend ✅.

repost : https://www.instagram.com/p/B0_N_1KBV8u/

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