Foodologybd has taken a new interest in Kebabs. So please sit back and follow through my kebab journey these days 😶 I found this dope place in Puran Dhaka. It has just opened and is offering you some dope kebabs. ● 1/4 Chicken Tikka (Tk.100) ● Beef Sheek Kebab (Tk. 130) ● Chicken Reshmi Kebab (Tk. 170) ● Chicken Hariyali Kebab (Tk. 160) ● Paratha (Tk. 20) ● Badamer Shorbot (Tk. 75 for 250ml) Hold your breath! When I received the kebabs, I thought I will have to be disappointed because the kebabs looked very dry. I was thrown off guard when the Beef Sheek went in my mouth and just melted. The Beef was succulent and juicy. The smoky flavours was blowing. Coming to the Reshmi Kebab, I was overwhelmed as well. It was tender and the taste of the curd was prominent. The Hariyali Kebab was different than the others. The spices were bursting and you could easily pick the flavours of coriander. It was spicier than the other two. It goes very well with the Paratha. I was sort of disappointed with the Chicken Tikka. It was bland and dry. I tried their Badamer Shorbot as well. It kind of reminded of Kolkata's Kulfi but a liquid version. Till now, I only liked the one at Royal. I guess there is another one in my list. If I had to choose my favourites, then I would say Hariyali and Reshmi/Beef Sheek. 📍Location : OH Dhakaiya (21, 17/1, Abdul Hasnat Road, Saat Rawza, Dhaka 1100) . . . . #OHDhakaiya #foodologybd #foodporn #foodphotography #foodbloggerbd #huffpostgram #l4l #followforfollowback #kebabs #fotd #motd #olddhaka #instafood #hashtagdelish #bangladesheats #dhakaeats #kikhaiben

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