Following the trend with Dalgona Coffee. The process is super easy and super tiring. . ▪️INGREDIENTS 🔸2 table spoon sugar 🔸2 table spoon coffee 🔸2 table spoon boiling water ▪️PROCESS In a big bowl add the dry ingredients and mix it a little. Then add water and start whisking it with a whisker. You do it with a manual whisker or try it with an electric one. Keep whisking the mixture until it forms a nice thick texture. Now fill 3/4th of a glass with chilled milk and add the coffee mixture on top. You can sprinkle coffee grains or coco powder on top (optional). Finally sit, stir and enjoy. . Note: the foam on top is quite bitter in taste so have it only after mixing it properly. As the foam sits nice on top of the milk so if you keep it that way for time you will see a nice color change in the milk. Add extra sugar if needed or minimize it if you don’t like your coffee sweet! Thanks to @foodstagram_bangladesh for the recipe ❤️ #thefeastersbd #shotoncanon #dalgonacoffee #quarantine #trending #homemade #coffee #instagood #instadaily

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