Do you love orange chicken? I do. To be very honest, I haven't found any good orange chicken dishes in Dhaka. If you know, let me know in the comment section. This particular dish is also an orange chicken in a rice bowl. I found this item in Fryyay (@fryyay_bd ) in the chef's table dhanmondi. I knew I had to give this a try. It comes with perfectly cooked rice, loads of chicken in orange curry, vegetables and a sunny side up. Pros ~ The quantity was terrific. Enough to fill your tummy. ~A goodness of sunny side up. ~Loved the sauteed vegetables filled with broccoli and light spices. ~The chicken was crunchy outside and tender inside. Cons ~The orange chicken was too sweet. Way too sweet for anyone's liking. The orange flavour was overpowering everything. They need to cut down the sweetness level to perfect this dish. I couldn't finish it only because of its sweetness. ● Orange Chicken Rice Bowl ● 💰Tk. 265+ 📍Location: Fryyay (Chef's Table Dhanmondi top floor) I'm not sure if this dish is available in the Banani branch. Check before going. . . . . . #foodology #foodologybd #foodphotography #foodography #fryyay #orangechicken #ricebowl #fotd #motd #quickmeal

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