Creamy Melt Pizza from @streetoven ———————————————————— 💸Price: 570 tk ( Large) 320 tk (Medium) 📝Rate : 7.5/10 Filled with mozzarella cheese, chicken,capsicum and sweet corn. If you are looking for some budget friendly pizzas then @streetoven is best for you. I usually prefer thin crust pizza. But this was really good. You will get the taste of the creamy texture at every bite of it. Recommend ✅. . . 🖲 Taste may vary from person to person because everyone doesn’t have the same taste bud. Quality may decrease due to inconsistency or due to having a bad day for the customers. . . E A T H A L A L S T A Y H A L A L . . . Follow @too_halal_for_food for unbiased and halal reviews. .

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