Cookies are something that I always wanted to make. I remember when I made for the first time , I forgot to add baking soda. As a result it came so horrible. Finally made some edible cookies which make me feel proud of. I know that it doesn’t look quite appealing but it tasted so good. I was tensed whether it would be crunchy or not. Very satisfied with the outcome 😌. . Required Ingredients: 💢1.5 cup flour 💢1 cup of sugar ( You can use brown sugar instead) 💢1 tbs cocoa powder 💢1/2 tsp baking soda 💢1/2 tsp salt 💢1/2 cup of butter 💢Chocolate chunks according to your want ( Or you can use chocolate chips ) Procedure: 🔘Mix the sugar , butter and salt. The reason why I added salt is that it will compliment the sugary taste of the cookies and make them flavourful. 🔘Take a bowl , mix flour , baking soda and the mixture of sugar and butter. Add some chocolate chunks on it. Let the dough chill for 30 minutes on the fridge. 🔘Keeping rest on the fridge will let go the moisture inside the dough and you will get the crunchy texture after baking. It depends if you want your cookies to be crunchy or soft. 🔘Preheat the oven for 10 minutes. Take the pan , grease some butter. Make small dough balls from the cookie dough. Keep them far from one another as the cookies may stick with one another after baking. Bake them for 10-13 minutes. Make sure you eat after sometime because it will become crunchy after resting for some time. And enjoy 😉. . . . . . . . . Let’s fight this together together staying at home maintaining hygiene and praying as much as we can. Eat Halal and Stay Home 😊 . . . . Follow for unbiased and halal reviews : 1) on Facebook. ( Too Halal For Food) 2) on Instagram . ( @too_halal_for_food ). . . #food #foodporn #foodphotography #foodie #foods #foody #foodgasm #foody #foodography #foodstagram #foodies #foodblogger #food52 #foodtruck #foodlover #foodheaven #foodstylist #foodaholic #foodbeast #foodoftheday #foodpassion #chocolate #dessert #chocolatechips #cookiesofinstagram #cooking #cookies #chocolatecookies #cookies🍪 #cookie

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