Classic Doibora! Since Eid is around the corner why not make some doibora? 🔹INGREDIENTS : ▫️Mashkalai Daal/Urad Daal 1 cup ▫️Salt ▫️Water ▫️Plain yogurt 1 Cup ▫️Cumin half tbs ▫️Chat Masala/ Chotpoti Moshla ▫️Red Chili half tsp ▫️Black salt half tsp ▫️Sugar 2 tbs ▫️Mixture of pudina paste+ coriander paste + green chili 3 tsp ▫️Tamarind chutney/ sauce . Process 1. Soak the daal for an entire day to reach a nice soft texture. Drain the water and grind the dall with little or no water. 2. Blend into a nice paste and then beat it off with a whisker thoroughly. 3. In a pan full of oil, drop medium balls of daal and fry it well. Make sure to deep fry them. You can make any shape you want. 4. When the balls become golden-ish color, bring it out of the pan and keep it aside for some time. 5.In a large bowl full of water mix salt and then drop the balls in the salty mixture and let the balls absorb the saltiness. 6. After 30 minutes squeeze the water as much as you can from the boraa and pour the doi above it and let it set for 2 hours minimum. 7. Sit and enjoy! . For the doi In a mixing bowl add the yogurt and whisk well for 2 minutes after that add all the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Pour it on the boras and let it chill for 2 hours minimum. . Note: If you skip whisking after blending the daal,your boras wont be soft so whisk well.

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