Chicken Teriyaki from Ginza _________________________________________ 💸 Price :320 tk 📝Rate :9/10 Teriyaki is a cooking technique used in Japanese cuisine in which foods are broiled or grilled with a glaze of soy sauce, mirin, and sugar. The word teriyaki derives from the noun teri which refers to a shine or luster given by the sugar content in the tare and yaki which refers to the cooking method of grilling or broiling.Traditionally the meat is dipped in or brushed with sauce several times during cooking. (Source:Wikipedia) Coming to this dish , it justifies the name. 12 pieces of chicken comes with a teriyaki texture on it’s skin having the glazed look with a bit of sesame seeds. It was really flavourful. The best part of this is that after having it , it will just melt in your mouth. It was tender and succulent. Too good🤤🤤. Highly recommended ✅ Definitely going there for more items.

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