Birthday in quarantine and don’t have a cake to celebrate? We got your back! . . Chocolate Cake! . ◽️INGREDIENTS 🔸 Any type of chocolate cookie/ biscuits 🔸 1 cup milk 🔸 1 eno sachet/ 1 teaspoon baking powder 🔸chocolate ganache/ molten chocolate and grated chocolate for decorating. . . ◽️Procedure 1. Grind 2 cups of chocolate biscuits or cookies. You can add any biscuit as I am making chocolate cake so I added chocolate flavored ones. 2. Add 1 cup of milk and mix well. Mix until it reaches a smooth consistency. 3. Add eno afterwards and mix well. 4. In a deep cooking pan add a little oil so that the mixture doesn’t stick with the pan surface and add the mixture into the pan. 5. Preheat a tawa and place the pan on top of the tawa and cook the mixture in low-medium flame for 35-45 mins or until the cake is ready! 6. Take it out gently and pour the chocolate ganache or molten chocolate on top of your cake and decorate according to your preference. 7. Eat and enjoy! . . Note: Cookies or biscuits contain all the other necessary things you need to bake a cake. You can add vanilla essence for an extra touch of flavor. You can also skip the decorations part and enjoy it. . Hope you all enjoy the recipe and if you try it out do tag @thefeastersbd . . . . #quarantine #homemade #thefeastersbd #baking #tasty #quarantinelife #staysafe #weareinthistogether #food #chocolate #birthday

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