As Ramadan is here, it gets quite hectic sometimes to cook meals for iftar. So I came up with some frozen recipes which you can make in batches and store them for later use. This will save a lot of time and ease down the iftar preps! . Frozen Chicken Momo 🔸Ingredients For the filling ▫️shredded cabbage (3/4th cup) ▫️shredded carrots (half cup) ▫️minced chicken (1 cup) ▫️2 finely chopped onions ▫️soya sauce (1 1/2 table spoon) ▫️ginger garlic paste (1 table spoon) ▫️chili powder (1 teaspoon) ▫️oyster sauce (optional) (1/2 teaspoon) ▫️salt to taste ▫️black pepper For the wrapper ▫️all purpose flour ▫️salt ▫️warm water . 🔷PROCESS 1. In a bowl take the minced chicken and add salt, pepper and soya sauce marinating it for 15 mins. 2. Add the rest of the ingredients and then cover it with a plate and keep it for 15 more minutes. 3. Put a small amount in each momo sheet and apply a little bit of oil to the edges to make it easier to fold. 4. Fold into you desired shape. 5. In a pan take 2 table spoon of oil and put the momos inside. 6. After two minutes add 1 glass of water into the pan and cover it up with a lid. 7. Keep it like that for 10-15 mins and finally serve hot and enjoy! . For the wrapper: 1.Take one cup of all purpose flour, a pinch of salt and warm water and keep moulding it until it reaches a nice consistency. 2.Roll the dough and let it rest for 15-20 mins. 3. Finally roll the dough in small circles, put in the filling and you momos are ready to cook. . . Note: 1. The momos can be kept frozen for about a month so you can make it on batches. 2. Instead of water you can also use eggwash around the edges of the dough for a firmer finish. . . If you try out our recipe do tag @thefeastersbd . Wish you all a very happy Ramadan Kareem. May Allah keep us strong and healthy. Stay home stay safe.

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