A Baby shell 3000tk for 1kg Red velvet 2000tk for 1kg Price will vary according to your design. Another entrepreneur is Kefayat sharjeena Chowdhury, the owner of Sugar Crush. She said - Currently I am a baker and just completed my BBA graduation from NSU. I learned baking from my mother when i was young and it was so fascinating to see amazing beautiful cakes.But I never knew that one day I could make these desserts and would be a proud daughter of my mother,ALHAMDULILLAH. Gradually, when I realised, I turned my passion into my profession. I bake cakes because its connects my hands to my soul and satisfy me at its level best. First of all I used to bake cakes for my family, relatives and friends just to gift them for any occasions.Later on, I participated in some fairs like scholastica school events, W.V.A , bake expo Bangladesh and so on.After seeing huge demand for my cakes I opened my Facebook page-Sugar Crush. The name came into my mind while playing candy crush saga. 😛 I don’t just bake cakes but also brownies,cupcakes,cookies,glass desserts ,pop cakes, meringue and many more delicious dessert items. Even customers can also enjoy home delivery service all around inside Dhaka. Today whatever I am because for the blessing of ALLAH and my beloved parents. Their enormous support brought me here today for who I am I also want to thanks my faculties, student, friends, colleagues,relatives and my clients who believed in me and placed their order in Sugar Crush.Thanks to all of u for ur abundant love and support. . Their cakes just got my attraction. Don’t they look good??? Need to try their items. Order now

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