● Shaw's Steak Xpress ● Follow @foodologybd for more such reviews and content I was invited to this new food court named One Big Plate (@onebigplatedhanmondi ). Many popular restaurants have opened their stalls there and Shaw's Steakhouse (@shawssteakhouse ) was one of them. I have tried some of their dishes. Swipe 👉🏻 to see the pictures 📌Outlaw Sirloin Steak (Pic 4) Price : Tk. 799 I was expecting a better steak from Shaw's but it was pretty average. 📌BBQ Beef Short Ribs (Pic 5) Price : Tk. 914 This was the my favourite among the others. A must try! 📌Mushroom Chicken Steak (Pic 3) Price : Tk. 518 This is my second favourite. Mushroom sauce enhances the steak. Loved it! 📌Thermidor Jumbo Prawn (Pic 6) Price : Tk. 834 This dish was good. Nothing extraordinary but was disappointed with the size. Which one would you like to try? Comment down below 👇🏻 . . . . #foodology #foodologybd #harriken #instaharriken #bangladesheats #kikhaiben #dhakafoodguide #likephoto #l4l #followme #shawssteakhouse #onebigplatedhanmondi #foodbloggerbd #foodphotography #foodporn #eatandshout #eatguide

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