● Pandan Cake ● Follow @foodologybd for more such reviews and content Price : Tk 140+ Place : Bread and Beyond (Bread and Beyond has many branches. See whichever branch is near your preferred location) I saw Bread and Beyond keeping this cake yesterday and I had to go try this unique cake. This cake is called Pandan cake. Now what is a Pandan? 👉🏻 It is an extract taken from Pandan leaf and widely used in South Asian cooking. A juice of Pandan is generally used to make Pandan cakes. It often greasy if tasted raw but can be light, coconut-ish, nutty flavour if cooked with various items. This cake I tasted was dry first of all. I wasn't expecting a great gooey cake as I'm aware of the type of cake Bread and Beyond makes. They usually dry but fluffy and light. There was shredded coconut on its end. The cake has 2 layers with cream of pandan is the middle. The flavour of Pandan is very mild. I was confused if the flavour is coming from the coconut in the sides or from the pandan. I ate the part of the cakes separately and felt that without the coconut shreds, the flavour seems kind of invisible. More like an usual Vanilla cake with mild nutty cream (Very mild I repeat). It's not recommended. You can give this a try for experience. You might like this if you love coconut and nuts. . . . . #foodology #foodologybd #foodphotography #foodography #instafood #instagood #instaharriken #harriken #hashtagdelish #bangladesheats #kikhaiben #dhakafoodguide #likephoto #l4l #followme #breadandbeyond #pandancake #pandan #eatandshout #dhakagram

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