● Gochujang Chicken ● Follow @foodologybd for more such reviews Price : Tk. 299+ Place : BBQ Bangladesh (@bbq_bangladesh ) Rate : 4/5 📌What is Gochujang? 👉🏻 Gochujang is a sweet, savoury and spicy fermented paste from chili powder, glutinous rice, meju powder, yeotgireum, and salt. And my God they weren't kidding when they said it would be spicy. This meal comes is a one person meal and is only available in the Shimanto Shombhar food court. It has Gochujang chicken which is grilled, fried rice, and a fried egg and caramelized onions with carrots. It is served with a mayo. I at first tried each of them separately. The chicken was really spicy. I felt the spice level takes over and I couldn't taste any salt. But then I figured the fried rice was too salty. The egg was however perfectly cooked. When you eat the rice with the chicken and egg, all balances it out. The mayo is a bit sour which IMO enhances all the flavours together. Do give this a try if you visit them. . . . . #foodology #foodologybd #foodphotography #foodography #instafood #instagood #instaharriken #harriken #hashtagdelish #bangladesheats #kikhaiben #dhakafoodguide #likephoto #l4l #followme #shimantoshombhar #bbqbangladesh #gochujang #gochujangchicken #goodfoodguide

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