ᴘᴀᴘʀɪ ᴄʜᴀᴀᴛ 💰Tk. 130+ I remember someone suggesting me that I should try the Papri Chaat from Delhi Darbar when I had told them that I like the one at Roll Xpress. The Chaat has crunchy papri which is topped with thick yoghurt, tok, onions and chillies, lentils and churmurs. The Chaat is good, no doubt, but the question is will I have them again? First let's talk about the quantity. The quantity is very poor if I compare it with the one at Roll Xpress. Surely, if I visit this place again, I might order this as an appetizer with my mains. However, let's not forget Taqwa is just in the ground floor beside GH Heights and with very much lesser price. I might have my mains there and then end up opting for Taqwa for my chaats. But if you care about hygiene and stuff then feel free to have Papri Chaat at Delhi Darbar (Your call!) 📍Location: Delhi Darbar (3rd floor, GH Heights, Satmosjid Road, Dhaka) And, for all of you who don't know what is Taqwa you have been living under the rock. Check my post from Taqwa. It's near Dhanmondi Party Center. ❤❤Like and Follow for more. . . . . #foodphotography #food #foodologybd #foodiesofinstagram #hashtagdelish #kikhaiben #instafood #instagood #bangladesheats #chaat #paprichaat #delhidarbar #l4l #bangladeshifood #fotd #motd

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